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  • Click the "BOOK NOW" link to be taken to our reservation website.

  • 1 hour rentals can be enough for some people, but the majority of people go out for more than 1 hour. 

  • We allow a 15 minute grace period.  

  • If you exceed your rental time you will be charged accordingly, no exceptions.

  • If you really want to get out and explore the Las Olas Canals we highly suggest you upgrade to a 3 hour rental.

  • There is only a $15 fee to upgrade to 3 hours.  Plus, every 3 hour rental gets a FREE Floating Waterproof Phone Case a $15 value. It's a NO BRAINER!

The Las Olas Paddle Board & Kayak Waterways

Important things to consider when booking your reservation.

1-3 hour rental.png

This is about how far you can get before you need to turn around on an easy, leisure paddle.

  • 1 Hour Rental- this is about the 30 min. turn around point.

  • 2 Hour Rental-this is about the 1 hour turn around point.

  • 3 Hour Rental- this is the about the 1.5 hour turn around point.

Keep in mind, for a 2 or 3 hour paddle, most people don't necessarily go to the furthest points and turn around.  They are lounging & floating around.  We suggest you bring snacks & drinks to enjoy while out on your adventure. 


  • SUNSCREEN - We also sell SunBum & SurfDurt lotions and Sprays in the store.​

  • WATER or DRINKS - If you forget it we sell water and Gatorade in the store.

  • SNACKS - Especially if you are going out for 2 or 3 hours.  We sell TAOS MOUNTAIN Energy Bars! 

  • TOWEL - You may not even get wet so just leave it in the car.

  • SWIM WEAR or ATHLETIC CLOTHING - any thing you will feel comfortable in if you get wet.

  • HAT? - We sell lifeguard style straw hats for $10-$20

  • WATER SHOES? - If you have them great, but most people go barefoot.

  • WATERPROOF PHONE CASE - available for $15 or FREE with a 3 hour rental.  This is not just for photos but to access Google maps if you are not sure which way to go.

  • Dry Bags - for anything extra you want to bring along.  We rent them for $5 or you may purchase them. 

  • LOCKERS - We do not have lockers, please leave valuables at home or in the car.  If you took an Uber or Lyft we have a small storage area behind the front desk.

  • KEYS - please do not take your keys out on the water.  You will be upset if you drop them.  We can put them on your rental/waiver clipboard behind the front desk.  

  • RAIN- It rains a lot in Florida.  Don't assume we will cancel because of a sprinkle, it'll be sunny again in 10 minutes!  This is a water sport, WE PLAY IN THE RAIN.   If we have to cancel because of Thunderstorms, we can reschedule or cancel.

  • CANCELLATIONS- We understand plans change.  If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP.  

  • RESCHEDULE-  If you need to reschedule, please call Las Olas Paddle Boards @ 954-848-4189.

  • ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? -  We are here to help give us a call @ 954-848-4189 or send an email to










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