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  • Click the "BOOK NOW" link to be taken to our reservation website.

  • You will need your 7-9 digit Groupon Code to reserve.

  • Your Groupon is good for $25 in rentals.  That is equivalent to a 1 hour Paddle Board or Kayak rental.

  • 1 hour can be enough for some people, but the majority of people go out for more than 1 hour. 

  • We allow a 15 minute grace period.  

  • If you exceed your rental time you will be charged accordingly, no exceptions.

  • If you really want to get out and explore the Las Olas Canals we highly suggest you upgrade to a 3 hour rental.

  • There is only a $15 fee to upgrade to 3 hours.  

The Las Olas Paddle Board & Kayak Waterways

Important things to consider when booking your reservation.

1-3 hour rental.png

This is about how far you can get before you need to turn around on an easy, leisure paddle.

  • 1 Hour Rental- this is about the 30 min. turn around point.

  • 2 Hour Rental-this is about the 1 hour turn around point.

  • 3 Hour Rental- this is the about the 1.5 hour turn around point.

Keep in mind, in a 2 or 3 hour paddle, most people don't necessarily go to the furthest points and turn around.  They are lounging & floating around.  We suggest you bring snacks & drinks to enjoy while out on your adventure. 


  • SUNSCREEN - We also sell SunBum & SurfDurt lotions and sprays in the store.​

  • WATER or DRINKS - If you forget it we sell water and Gatorade in the store.

  • SNACKS - Especially if you are going out for 2 or 3 hours.  

  • TOWEL - You may not even get wet so just leave it in the car.

  • SWIM WEAR or ATHLETIC CLOTHING - any thing you will feel comfortable in if you get wet.

  • HAT? - We sell lifeguard style straw hats for $15-$20

  • WATER SHOES? - If you have them great, but most people go barefoot.

  • WATERPROOF PHONE CASE - available for $19.99.  This is not just for photos but to access Google maps if you are not sure which way to go.

  • Dry Bags - for anything extra you want to bring along.  We rent them for $5 or you may purchase them. 

  • LOCKERS - We do not have lockers, please leave valuables at home or in the car.  If you took an Uber or Lyft we have a small storage area behind the front desk.

  • KEYS - please do not take your keys out on the water.  You will be upset if you drop them.  We can put them on your rental/waiver clipboard behind the front desk.  

  • RAIN- It rains a lot in Florida.  Don't assume we will cancel because of a sprinkle, it'll be sunny again in 10 minutes!  This is a water sport, WE PLAY IN THE RAIN.   If we have to cancel because of Thunderstorms, we can reschedule or cancel. We will refund any money paid to Las Olas Paddle Boards.  Any money paid to Groupon you will have to contact Groupon. 

  • CANCELLATIONS- We understand plans change.  If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP.  

  • RESCHEDULE-  If you need to reschedule, please call Las Olas Paddle Boards @ 954-848-4189.

  • ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? -  We are here to help give us a call @ 954-848-4189 or send an email to










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