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Why Do I need Lockable Tiedowns?
With standard tiedowns, anyone can walk up to your vehicle and remove your paddleboard(s) without attracting attention. This can be a real concern ad too tempting for the opportunistic theif.

Understanding this, the KanuLock Lockable Tiedowns were designed to provide security and peace of mind to fellow paddlers when leaving their kayaks and boards unattended on roof racks.

Regular paddle board tiedowns can simply be cut with a blade or knife. The KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs are reinforced with tough 2 x 2.5MM Braided Stainless Steel cables making them very difficult to cut. A would-be thief cannot simply cut through the webbing with a blade or knife as is the case with regular tie downs.

Kanulock Lockable Paddleboard Tiedown Straps 18 Ft

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