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Suction Cargo Net for Paddleboards
You want to carry your stuff on your new paddle board but you can’t because it won’t stay and keeps falling off. You don't want to drill holes or glue on plugs on the board either. The SUPThings Super Suction Cargo Net is the best and easiest way to hold gear on your paddleboard.

This patented design uses four very strong suction cups attached to corners of high-quality, metal-free bungee netting. (We DO NOT use the conventional adhesives or screws that can cause permanent damage to your expensive board.) The super-strong suction cups will provide you with the security of knowing your gear and board will not be damaged, and your belongings will stay put. The unique design of the suction cups makes it’s easy to remove when you’re ready to unload your gear. It holds full dry bags, tackle boxes, PFD’s, and snorkeling equipment with confidence. It’s even strong enough to hold heavy things like coolers. It will stretch to nearly double its original size!

SUP Cargo Net Suction Cup

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