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The VESL straight leash will work on any board and is a great way to keep you safely attached to your board. The coiled cord keeps it out of your way and out of the water while paddling flat or textured waters. Due to the coiled section this leash is not recommended for paddle surfing. 

Choosing between a straight or coiled leash usually involves the style of paddling you normally do. In the surf you want the board away from you. A straight leash at least as long as the board so that you are safe as you get pounded by waves. For touring and racing, a coiled leash keeps it out of the water and minimizes drag and keeps it close so you can quickly rejoin the race. A coiled leash is also great for general flat water paddling as it stops a lot of tangles around your feet and other items. A straight leash is more traditional and therefore many are more comfortable with a straight SUP leash.


VESL Coiled Paddle Board Leash

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