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Built for paddling on flat water, short or long distance, the VESL Touring displacement hull splits the water like a razor but the generous width reduces wobble. This translates to going fast without worrying about falling over. You can also take long day trips or overnight trips thanks to the board’s thickness and deck leash plugs.  It is equipped with 4 nose leash plugs to tie down all your gear. This shape optimizes flat water glide and tracking. 

Why choose a VESL TOURING displacement hull paddle board? Displacement hulls are more commonly used on boats, kayaks and canoes because they are more efficient at cutting through the water, better at staying on course and they glide with less effort. This board features displacement hulls designed to efficiently part the water as you paddle. These types of paddle boards excel at longer distance touring, racing, recreational and fitness paddling anywhere outside the surf zone including cruising coastlines, bays, lakes and rivers.

VESL Touring Bamboo Eco Series 12' x 30" x 6"

$1,299.88 Regular Price
$1,049.00Sale Price
  • Length:


    Width (middle):




    Weight:           27 lbs
    Volume:    270.2 liters
    Rider Weight (regular):         275 lbs
    Rider Weigth (expert):         300 lbs


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