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• One-of-a-kind Innovation: Combining two our best-selling SUP boards, the YOLO Board Hammerhead Explorer is unlike any other!
• V-Shaped Explorer Hull cuts through the water for effortless stability & superior tracking.
• YOLO thermo-mold construction: an ultra-durable board that's also lightweight! 
• Easy To Paddle: A great all-around stand up paddleboard for beginners & intermediate paddlers! Supports up to 275 lbs.
• Ideal for SUP Fishing: An ultra-durable, super-stable board with integrated tie-downs for a cooler or other gear. All at an unbeatable price!


SUP Fishing, touring, recreational paddling - all of these are possible in this one tough-as-nails stand up paddleboard. The game-changing technology is a traditional fiberglass board with EPS foam core wrapped in an extremely durable ABS thermo-formed plastic. With reinforced rail guard, and tie-downs for coolers and other gear, and plenty of stability, the YOLO Board Hammerhead Explorer is the best price-point fishing SUP board in the industry!

YOLO 12'0" HAMMERHEAD Explorer - Woody




    Width:          32"


    Weight:      32 lbs
    Volume:  220 liters
    Rider Weight (regular):    275 lbs
    Rider Weight (expert):  300+ lbs


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